Request Quote

First, in order to help you plan for your landscape work, we would like to clarify the difference in our world between an estimate (offered free and often very quickly) and a quote. Raven Landscaping offers free Estimates to those interested in finding out what the costs of a professional landscape contractor installation may be. A quotation is our bid on the job, with clearly defined scope of work and materials.

In order to provide an accurate and professional quotation for your work, we will need a number of things from you. Please gather the following information and submit it along with your contact information. (Submissions by mail, fax or electronic files of the following will be accepted.)

1) A Real Property Report - the "map" of your property indicating property lines and dimensions that you received when you purchased the property.

2) A copy of the grading/drainage plan as available or required by your municipal government.

3) Designs/Plans - a full set of detailed blueprint plans. This is particularly necessary if you are seeking a quote from more than one landscape contractor. It will ensure an honest comparison. If you do not have plans made up, you should either contract another reputable landscape design company, or you may request Raven Landscaping to design your landscape for you. We offer this on a fee for service basis.

4) Any pictures, sketches, clippings from books or magazines of components that you wish to incorporate.

5) The form below must be printed out and/or completely filled in, and then sent along with your request for quote package.

6) Your physical address/civic location address is crucial as we must visit the site in order to make accurate assessments of the work that needs to be done.