Keeping your great landscape.

Sometimes you just can't keep up with your yard.  Sometimes it gets the best of you and you need to reclaim what you once had.  What do you need to get your yard space back to what it needs to be?

Softscape maintenance -
Flower bed maintenance, dividing perennials or pruning unruly shrubs.  We are able to trim back the out of control parts of your yard and make it look like you own it once again.

Hardscape maintenance -
Sunken patio's, failing retaining walls, paving stone sealing, deck refurbishing, pergola or arbor rebuilding.  All of these things happen over time, but when they start to fail, it is time to bring them back from the brink.  The feature is great, but how do I keep it?  Are there new products that will allow me to have an even lower maintenance yard?  We are able to help.

Water Systems Maintenance - Irrigation and Water Features
Is your irrigation system not working?  Your water feature is full of muck that you can't stand?  Or your water bill is way too high for you too afford if you try to keep your yard green?  We offer consultation, repairs and service and maintenance of your landscapes water systems.  We even offer winterization services for water features and irrigation systems.  Call and book ahead for your winterization.

Snow and Ice Management -
Winter cannot be ignored.  It comes whether we like it or not.  And in Alberta it is very unpredictable!  Keeping on top of your snow and ice issues will help you limit your personal liability.  If you find yourself unable to take care of the snow shovelling, or just plain want someone else to take care of it, call us for fully insured professional snow and ice Maintenance on your property.  Residential and Commercial services available.

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