The Raven Design Process

#1 The first and most important step of design is YOU.

Our initial time together will be your time to get to know us, feel comfortable with us and ask questions of us. We will provide references and a portfolio of previous work as you request, letting you know as much as possible about who we are and what we do. Once you are comfortable to proceed, we finalize this first step with information about what it will take to go beyond this point. Up to this point, our meeting and consultation with you is free of charge.

There are a few simple steps to get a design going from this point:
  1. We talk about the design style you would like (CAD or photo enhancement) and how much your design style will cost. After your decision, we collect 50% of the design cost and carry on with the process.
  2. We begin the process of gathering information from you. You will be asked to gather information for us such as a) your budget for your landscape project, b) your Real Property Report, c) all information from your developer or municipal government regarding bylaws, restrictions, Right-Of-Way's, etc. and finally d) information from all family members with input as to how they would like to use the space.
  3. Finally, we prepare you for the next stage, where we interview you for all of this information. We have a tool that helps us gather as much pertinent information as possible. Hand sketches, magazine clippings, photos of things in your neighborhood, or any other piece of information you feel would be helpful gets us into the process quicker. The process beyond this is where the real work begins.

Once this initial interview is complete, we go to work for you at our digital drawing board, bringing together all the elements of a great landscape. We develop a set of concept plans and set up a meeting with you and get your input on the design course to that point. Once we have this input from you, the designs are finalized and we stage a meeting to present them to you.

Designing anything is a thoughtful process that when done properly needs plenty of focus and time. Raven Landscaping offers two types of designs, both with their own merits.


Type 1 - The first type of design work we are able to accomplish is photo editing. Provide us with a digital picture of the area you wish to landscape, or commission us to take a digital photo of the area and we are able to transform your yard through computer graphics. Most of our customers choose this option because it gives the most realistic view of what their house can look like with the landscape features we suggest. (see our photo gallery for some examples)
Yard_Plan_1 Type 2 - The second type of design we are able to provide is the more traditional "blueprint" style of designs. CAD drawings are accurate and workable for any landscape installer to work off of. Dimensions and product choices are described with this type of design just as they are with the photo enhance designs.

Regardless of which design style you choose, we will meet with you part way to discuss the design in it's conceptual stages and make adjustments at that time. Your input throughout the design process is essential for us to put together a workable design that you will appreciate.

The packages:

Type 1

Full color photos of your property and the landscape concept that we propose. These photos come with a material list of the specific things suggested to accomplish the real life facsimile of your photos. Prices range from $399 - $899. (acreages and complex plans may be more)

Type 2

One full color large print out of your design, one black and white large print of your design, and a full list and quantity of plant and other materials used to accomplish the design. Prices range from $500 - $1200.(acreages and complex plans may be more)

If you are ready for a quote, please feel free to start the process by contacting us through our Contact Us page or go directly to our Request Quote page and fill out the forms you find there.