Foundations - From start to finish, we are focused on quality.  Once your design is finished, it becomes a matter of choosing the right materials for the job.  Materials have to fit your budget, your design tastes and the life expectancy you need to receive.  We will guide you through the choice of materials that will give you what you are looking for.

Timing - Raven Landscaping is able to complete landscape installations in one project, or phase in the entire landscape over a period of seasons.  Whatever your needs, circumstance or budget, we are able to accommodate.  When we start your phased or complete project, we do not jump from site to site and leave your project incomplete.  Our desire is to complete a project at a time, making sure we are finished before we move on.  Because we are merely landscapers and do not control the weather, it is one of the few things that will delay us until it is okay to get going again.

Expectations - What should you expect your site to look like?  Construction of a landscape is literally a dirtyd1_3job, and you will have to expect dirt for most of the project.  Where neighbors are affected, we do our best to inform them and keep our impact on them to a minimum.  From start to finish, the stages of a build are (as necessary for your project): grading and shaping of the lot, all hardscapes like fences, decks, walls and patios, water features, edging, final grade, irrigation and low voltage lighting, trees, shrubs, plantings, mulch, sod and lastly the final walk through.  As you can see, the open dirt stays until the very end so that when the sod goes down, we are off of the yard and do minimal damage to it.  After the initial few weeks of growth for your lawn, you are ready to enjoy your yard.

Aftercare - We will always leave you with instructions about how to care for your new landscape, and we are always just a phone call away.  We are happy to help our customers keep their investment in top shape.

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