Our Story

Raven Landscaping has been operating in the Kneehill and Mountainview County's since 2005. As we started out in the smaller rural based area of Three Hills, our projects varied from really small jobs like installing mulch to complete design/build projects. A typical small landscape project for us now is a 306 square meter (3300 square feet) sod installation. This dry part of the world will not look green if we don't water, so irrigation became a large part of what we do. As we have progressed over the years, we find ourselves taking on ever larger projects along with the smaller projects we initially started with.

Our largest project to date is a 1.6 acre property that included design work, sod, trees, shrubs, perennials, paving stone, irrigation, low voltage lighting, rock work, soil upgrading, and a water feature! (see photos in Past Work).

Our Philosophy

Raven Landscaping has been called upon numerous times to repair or reclaim a poorly installed landscape. Doing the work right the first time, or making it right the second is our specialty. We know our customers desire is to spend their hard earned cash on lasting value. Our philosophy is that real value starts before you ever put a shovel to the ground, right in the design phase. Designs save time, energy and especially money as plans can be changed far easier than the installation. In our "microwave fast" instant society, appropriate amounts of time should be spent on careful planning so that we don't shortchange the future through lack of planning.

Our Vision

To create welcoming and usable outdoor spaces that are sustainable, responsible, attractive and enjoyable.

Our Mission

As owner of a landscape company, I once heard that we spend 90% of our time in 10% of our properties space. Most of our urban properties have 90% of their footprint underutilized for living because we just don't get outside. It is our mission to help each client develop their dream of what their outdoor living space may be so that they would want to be in that living space and ENJOY it!

Our Commitment

We desire to be the best at what we do. It helps us provide our customers with that lasting value that we talk about. Constant learning, upgrading and certification is encouraged from the top down. In order to be better at what we do, we connect with other good people and organizations. Below are the logos of the organizations and associations we have connected with.

lanta_2          CNLA_Member_Logo            Safe-Certified               SIMA_logo09             NAPP-logo